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AssetRush is the biggest event combining digital, alternative, and traditional assets in Switzerland.

Over the past five years, AssetRush has established itself as one of the premier events on the Swiss financial services calendar. It is designed to be as much an experience as a conference

AssetRush brings international innovators and investors together with bright ideas and emerging technologies to examine and create new models for investing and new ways for changing our future.

«An Asset is much more than just a thing of value.»

An Asset gathers people around ideas.

It connects us. It unites us.

It's not just a thing we hedge and manage — it is much less tangible and yet so much more valuable.

An Asset is not just the value of something, it is the aspiration to innovate!

This is why ASSETRUSH provides an open platform that gather people around visions and ideas.

ASSETRUSH — The Asset of Aspiration.

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