7 × Private Markets

Find out how to invest in Longevity, Blockchain Startups, ESG in Shipping, and Movies & TV Series!

In the area of private markets, we focused the spotlight on a range of exciting topics – from longevity and startup investments to ESG in shipping and movies & TV series. Did you know, for example, that it's not really that difficult to live to be 100 years old and still stay largely healthy? Or that the blockchain industry is already a three trillion-dollar business? Let these subjects pass by for your review again here.

«Litigation is completely uncorrelated to markets»



«We transport every second windmill across the seven seas»

Patric Kaeser

Briese Schiffahrt

«The time to look at longevity is now»

Tobias Reichmuth


«Engage with energy efficient technologies»

Dimitris Karamitsos

Energy BASE

«This is how we disrupt the art market»

Sarah Schlagenhauf


«3.1 trillion: the blockchain business value by 2030»

Olaf Hannemann


«Intellectual property: an asset that makes content»

Benito Mueller

Barry Films